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About us

Zuanon Cellar is the result of more than thirty years experience in the world of Prosciutto (dry-cured ham). It is also the personal goal of the "master of ham" Leone Zuanon ? his passion and his desire of refinement have led him to reach and satisfy top quality specialists.

His task is to choose excellent prosciutti, strictly selecting them among the best producers of San Daniele.

Next, those prosciutti are brought in his cellar for refining which takes from six to eight months. Leone Zuanon personally checks temperature and humidity and he lets gentle breezes in, so that nature can work without any haste.

The final product is well-balanced, its weight guarantees the thigh was coming from a heavy pig, the spiking ("spiking" or "piercing" is the classic method to assess quality) is sweet and the aesthetics is looked after according to tradition - the outcome is a high quality unique prosciutto.

The added value of this product is its refining in Zuanon cellar. Maturation with natural ventilation and traditional techniques make prosciutti that are appreciated by more and more people, far from industrial mass consumer goods.

The raw material: Prosciutto San Daniele

Only thighs coming from pigs bred in ten regions of northern central Italy.

The pigs must belong to genotypes complying with the requirements set by the "National Studbook for the Italian heavy pig".

In particular, they must weigh not less than 160 kg at slaughter, which must take place nine months after the birth.

Pigs are reared in compliance with the specific requirements of welfare and of a strict diet.

Place of origin: San Daniele del Friuli

San Daniele del Friuli is a splendid gem nestled between the Carnic Alps and the Adriatic Sea, the peculiar microclimate is simply perfect for maturing cured ham. The environment is pleasant, with typical villages and historic buildings, people are hard-working and are willing to guard the tradition and mastery of one of the best known Italian products. Zuanon Cellar, the background and its climate, the respect of traditions and of the rhythms of nature, are the unique ingredients in obtaining top quality prosciutto.